The Right Fluids for Your Vehicle

January 30, 2015

Melvindale car owners' current vehicles have over a century of engineering behind them. They have evolved into complex and powerful machines. Developments in their engines, however, have coincided with advances in many other vehicle components, including the fluids. Its vital for Melvindale aut... More

Melvindale Car Care Tire Safety: Washington vs. Lincoln

January 23, 2015

Welcome to the Melvindale Car Care automotive blog. Today, lets talk about the effect of tire tread depth on braking. When talking about stopping power, most Melvindale and Dearborn auto owners tend to focus on our brakes. But our tires are where the rubber meets the road. So having... More

What Melvindale Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

January 15, 2015

There are some things Melvindale drivers should know about Melvindale car service and repair. First and foremost, Melvindale Car Care cares about you and your familys safety. And we really appreciate your business. Melvindale Car Care in Melvindale wants to build a trusting relations... More

Transmission Care In Melvindale Michigan

January 6, 2015

Call Melvindale Car Care to make an appointment to check your transmission in Melvindale. 19505 Allen Rd Melvindale, Michigan 48122 313-928-5998 Do you have any plans around Melvindale Michigan for the weekend? Maybe you and some friends and are taking the boat up to the lake. Maybe... More

Busting Automotive Myths In Melvindale Michigan

January 2, 2015

Myths passed around our Melvindale Michigan community start with a grain of evidence and are then built up with a lot of imagination and very elastic logic. And the internet is a breeding ground for automotive myths. Some bloggers recall the SUVs of yesteryear and declare their moder... More